• Ethan Roc

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

It was Elle’s birthday and I wanted to take her on a short weekend getaway to celebrate her special day. I wanted it to be fun and sexy and to do things we wouldn’t ordinarily do, so I decided to arrange a trip to Las Vegas. I travel there for work often and always have to behave myself, but this time I wanted us to do something that had to stay in Vegas.

One of the things Elle and I try to do is to visit a local lifestyle club or meet local couples in every city we visit. In Vegas, the clubs to go to are apparently the Green Door and Red Rooster, but after reading the reviews, I was not impressed. Elle knows I prefer more private, intimate play and when she found PurrfectLV, she knew I’d approve. She was right - I bought tickets as soon as I read the reviews and visited their website.

Elle will be reviewing the club, so I won’t go into too much detail here. Suffice it to say, once I registered I got instructions via email on how to join the party, which was in a bar on the top floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel.

When we arrived at the lobby, we told the security staff that we were there for the event and they let us through the line to get wristbands, and once we got those we were directed to take an elevator to the top floor.

Once we arrived at the club, we found the private lounge easily. I walked in excited to see what lay beyond the door. The private room was sexy - it had dark walls and was dimly lot; leather couches with soft cushions and small coffee tables were scattered around the room. When we arrived there was only one couple in the room so we went to the bar to order drinks and when we returned, the room had filled up a bit. There was a couple making out in a corner and two younger couples sitting talking.

Everyone was super friendly introducing themselves around the room until they settled down into small groups. For a while, we chatted to the couple who were making out previously. They were married professionals from the Pacific Northwest and were very laid back and genuine. We danced a little with his wife and flirted a bit, and at first I thought we’d land up spending the night with them, but neither Elle nor I felt a spark with them.

We started introducing ourselves around the room. We initiated a conversation with a couple in their late 40's early 50's who were from Texas. We spoke to them for a short while but the woman was a bit of a wallflower and seemed intimidated by Elle. I didn’t get good vibes from her and when she made some comment about Elle being in her 20's, I sensed potential drama and motioned Elle to move on.

Elle was trying to encourage me to strike up a conversation with an older, well-established man who had an attractive young woman sitting next to him. I hesitated, not sure how to strike up the conversation because the man was clearly a wealthy man and the young lady, who must have been more than half his age, seemed like a trophy wife. Other than having a younger girlfriend I didn’t know what I’d have in common with the man and before I could think of how to initiate conversation, Elle leaned forward and ask the young woman if she’d like to dance, but she declined in a thick Eastern European accent.

The evening started to wind down and so we returned to the couch where we were seated at originally. I left to take a bio break and when I returned Elle was talking to a blonde woman and a man with a shaved head. The couple from the Pacific Northwest indicated that they were going to the after party and we saw the couple from Texas lingering by the doorway likely contemplating what they were going to do. I figured we’d probably call it an evening and return to our hotel room, but when the couple Elle was talking to said they were going to the after party, I felt a little sense of relief because our evening was not going to end in a fizzle.

After stopping at a gas station to buy some alcohol and snacks we arrived at the after party venue. It was a hotel that looked like an apartment block. The suite had two floors with a bedroom and bathroom on the top floor, and a lounge with a giant master bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor. Both Elle and I were quite buzzed so we needed to freshen up. The master bedroom had a soaker tub in a screened off area behind the master bed which I filled using bath soap to generate some bubbles.

Elle joined me in the tub and within a few minutes a younger guy entered the bathroom and asked if he could join us. We gave our consent and he took his clothes off with his back to us, and when he turned around he proudly presented his giant cock right before our faces. I knew Elle would love that cock so I suggested she go play with him. She nodded to him and he eagerly moved in and tried fucking her in the tub for a minute and then said that it was difficult fucking in the tub and suggested moving to a room. Elle got up and walked out with him so I washed myself down and dried myself off and left to go find Elle and the young guy and watch her get pleasured. I found them in the en-suite master bathroom. Elle has her hands on the bathroom vanity facing the mirror. The young guy pulled back from behind her and Elle looked up. I told them not to stop because I enjoyed watching, but then I saw Elle’s wicked little smile and heard her say that it was over.

“Don’t tell me you’ve done it again?” I blurted out.

Elle laughed.

I looked at the young guy, he was looking down and holding his giant cock, the condom filled with semen. Yes, she had done it again. You see, Elle has the perfect pussy. It’s incredibly tight and perfectly lubricated. The first time I fucked her I came quickly too and so have other partners she’s had. The young guy dashed out the room before I could tell him that she has this effect on men the first time they experience her.

We returned to the tub and were then joined by the couple that drove us to the after party (Carlos and Helga). We briefly struck up conversation, but the sound of another couple fucking on the master bed caught our attention and when someone mentioned that they like to be watched, we all got out the tub to watch. They were a couple in their 40's and the woman, who was quite attractive, had a very vocal orgasm with us all watching them. It was pretty hot and when they got up and left, Helga moved in on Elle who suggested they take it to the bed where they made out. For a moment Carlos and I watched on, my excitement building because the evening was rapidly becoming super hot. So, when Carlos moved in Elle’s direction I moved up behind Helga.

Helga was laying on top of Elle and I leaned over to ask her consent to touch. She muttered yes and as she moved down on Elle, I grabbed her hips and lifted them so I could take a better look at her vagina. It was a beautiful vagina, much like Elle’s, that was waxed making her fair skin smooth to the touch. I began gently rubbing her vagina and then slipped my forefinger in and quickly finding her G-spot which I stroked in a beckoning motion. Very quickly I felt her release a small orgasm so I continued to stimulate her until I heard her moan and release a bigger orgasm.

I took my cock and positioned it at the entrance to her vagina and grabbed her by the hips and slid my cock into her. She felt great and so I fucked her slowly for a few minutes until I heard her moan more loudly. She suddenly sat up and reached over her shoulder and pulled me closer to her and kissed me with an intense kiss. She was a good kisser too and her lips were soft and tasted like Elle’s pussy which was a pleasure. While Helga and I were making out, Elle was giving Carlos a blow job. Helga went down on Elle again and I in turn started fucking Helga from behind again. Carlos moved in and went down on Elle too, taking turns with Helga as she encouraged him to pleasure Elle.

It was time to mix things up and I turned to lay on my back and slid my head under Helga and began eating her out. This gave her a lot of pleasure and she moaned loudly and looked down at me a few times until she began having orgasms in rapid succession. I moved out from under her and turned my attention to Elle. Helga turned to Carlos to give him a blow job, while Elle ate her out, leaving Elle’s beautiful ass waving in the air. I needed no invitation, and moved in behind Elle and slipped my cock into her. She felt familiar and as incredible as ever; despite just having some great sex with Helga, Elle still felt noticeably different and amazing.

Elle’s oral was working on Helga who had now shifted her attention to Elle. It was time for me to take a more dominant position with Helga so I moved to lay alongside her, placed my hand around her neck and began talking to her to get her into sub-space. I told her to let go, that she was ours and that she must surrender herself to us. I heard Carlos say she likes to be choked so I squeezed tighter as she orgasmed from Elle’s handiwork, which made her orgasm repeatedly, harder each time.

The girls realized that Carlos had not been participating, and so Helga returned her attention to him and Elle joined in to help. I watched as Carlos threw his head back and rolled his eyes as the two beauties sucked his cock.

The girls then turned their attention to me. Elle instructed me to lay down on my back as she and Helga went down on me. I’m a very visual person so seeing Elle with her dark skin and raven black hair alongside Helga with her blond hair and fair skin was an incredibly exciting experience for me. I may have called them my babies and made some other silly remarks, but having a threesome with Elle and another woman was a bucket list item for me that was unexpectedly being realized. I had a few moments where I got to experience a MFF threesome ending with a FMF blowie.

I consider myself very lucky to have an amazing lover like Elle who has given me so many first experiences, and I look forward to our continued journey together.

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