Top 10 Kissing Tips

We all remember our first kiss, everyone wanted theirs to be magical but that wasn't always the case. I remember mine. I was on a school trip and the boy I had a crush on told a mutual friend that he liked me too. So we started dating, I was an awkward 12 year old and all our friends were pushing us to kiss and so we gave into peer pressure, I know I wasn't his first kiss so I expected it him to be a "pro".

I remember being in the stairwell surrounded by our friends, our lip met, his were small and soft, he then trust his tongue into my mouth along with a mouth full of saliva. Is tongue swirled around. I didn't know what to do so I wallowed his saliva, it made me instantly nauseous and repulsed. We kissed again one more time during that trip before I deciding he didn't exist anymore.

Fast forward twenty years and I have kissed a few princes and a few frogs, some guys were great kissers but I have to be honest and say that most guys were not. One that stood out was the a guy I went on a couple of dates with. When it came to the kiss he was all over the place. His tongue would dart in and out of my mouth like lizard trying to catch a fly. I tried to guide him but he wasn't interested and would always resort back to the lizard tongue. So even though his tongue would have been perfect for other acts, I could never date a guy that is a bad kisser.

I don't claim to be a professional by any means, but I have been told by many that I am an amazing kisser. So for any guys or girls that is looking to up their kissing game here is my top tips .

A good kiss is all about igniting all the senses, Hear, Sight, Smell, Touch and finally Taste.

1) Good oral hygiene. Nothing is worse than going on a date with a person that has bad dental hygiene. Your teeth doesn’t have to be perfect, they don’t have to be bleached white, but they do look need to appear shiny like they get a good brushing twice a day. In terms of breath, I can personally handle most, I don’t mind wine breath, I don’t mind garlic or onion breath, I cannot stand stale coffee breath. But it is always best to avoid strong tasting foods in the off chance your date cannot stomach smells.

2) Smell good. Take daily showers, wash that body off, put on a fresh layer of deodorant and don't overdo the perfume or aftershave. You don’t want a “do not enter” barrier sponsored by Axe body spray. You want that first hug to be a smell that piques their interest. Ethan always remembered that my hair smelled like coconuts. So the smell of coconuts now makes him think of hugging me.

3) Look into each others’ eyes. Does this sound cheesy to you? It is. But it doesn’t have to be, remember the saying, the eyes are the pathway to the soul? They are also the pathway to the panties. You want to engage with your partner and keep their focus, don’t allow them to think about work or chores etc. Keep them in the moment. I knew I was in love when he could catch my gaze and maintain eye contact with me. I can stare at him with him staring back and feel the rest of the world wash away. Even though it sounds cheesy, there is nothing cheesy about it. It’s intense and stirs up the tingles.

4) Start by stroking his/her hair. The worst thing you want to do when you go in for a smooch is act mechanical, anyone who's seen Jimmy Carr’s netflix show will remember him saying “turn the taps and test the waters.'' That might have worked when we were awkward teenagers but these days you have to let things progress naturally and that means going nice and slow. If you can’t stroke their hair because you can’t mess the do. Then stoke the cheek. You want to do this while you are doing step 3.

5) Bring your lips together slowly. KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLOSED even the most passionate kisses start by bringing your lips together, anyone who goes in mouth gaping wide needs to cool it, no one should be able to count your fillings.

6) Bring your tongue to graze his/her lips. This is what makes a good kiss turn into an amazing kiss, the moment your lips come together, you want to part them gently and bring your tongue to the surface, let it caress the opening of your partners mouth, this will increase the intensity, feel the softness of their tongue, the heat of the breath. I will sometimes slip my tongue between his lips and his teeth and swipe across his teeth. Pull back slightly and make eye contact again to make sure you have their full attention before going in for another kiss.

7) Lock in and let your tongue explore slowly. This time round, let your tongue explore their mouth, wrestle with their tongue, the tongue is a muscle, tease your partners tongue and switch between hard and soft kissing.

8) Watch your saliva output. This is very important, if you are someone who generates a lot of saliva, then swallow it back down, you do not want to be forcing it in your partners mouths. The times I had experienced this, I immediately felt nauseous. It’s rude to do this to someone, always keep your bodily fluids to yourself unless expressly invited.

9) If you are confident, gently nibble the lips. Do not bite, I repeat do not bite, so if you have trouble controlling your jaw, don’t do this. When I make out I like to make it a full experience and anything my lips touch is fair game. If you are too scared to use your teeth than suck on your partners upper and lower lips. You want to mix the experience up, switch between fast and slow, hard and gentle, creating different sensations will ignite different reactions within their body. You may discover a new pleasure/pressure point.

10) Never end Make out sessions abruptly. Either let passion take over or end with gentle butterfly kisses and snuggling. Not all make out sessions lead to sex, and no one should ever expect sex from their partner, sometimes its good to leave them wanting more. Sometimes it’s good to deprive yourself. Before I slept with my partner, I would end makeout sessions with butterfly kisses along his jawline, he would stroke my face and as he bought his fingers to my lips I would kiss the tips of each finger and run my lips across one finger before giving it a lingering kiss. His thoughts immediately dropped to his dick and at the end of the night after he dropped me off, he would contact me immediately wanting more.

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