The Tease

On Monday I had decided to message Ethan with a challenge. We were to refrain from having sex this week. The Challenge was to begin on Wednesday when we would see each other and end 6pm Sunday. Ethan was due out of town the following week so the idea of two weeks without intimacy was unfathomable. Now Ethan always took his challenges seriously, he didn’t care that he would be denying himself, he had to win no matter what. I on the other hand didn’t care about losing but I did want to break his competitive streak, he may have stubbornness on his side, but I had what he craved most, and I knew it would be hard to resist me.

Wednesday evening came and he arrived late. I was already laying in bed, I had considered wearing lingerie but felt it would look like I was trying too hard, so I lit some candles and opted to lay almost naked under the sheets, I kept my tank top on, I knew when his eyes couldn’t see his hands would wonder. He let himself into my place and came in the bedroom, I love to watch him as he does his usual routine, setting down his bag, he always pauses with a smile, he is always happy to see me, I smile back as I watch him get ready for bed. He slid off his sweater and his pants, and leaned over to officially greet me with a kiss. He was tired but it was time for the game to begin. I reminded him of the rules. He could touch but he could not penetrate. He told me he would break me, he would make me beg him to fuck me. The smirk on his face said it all, it was game on.

I start slow, I catch his gaze and kiss him gently. I kiss along his jawline and the side of his face, I kiss his eyes and tell him how much I miss him, our lips met again a little more intense this time, my tongue slides against his lips and he parts his mouth to let me in. He always tastes so good. I pull back and stare into his eyes, I love this guy so much. He sees me bite my lip and goes in to kiss me again, he runs his hands through my hair, down my back and under my shirt, his hand meets my breast and I whisper in his ear…

“You're going to break”

He chuckles and pulls back.

I sit up and remove my shirt. He also removes his clothes, we look at each other, smiling our mischievous smiles, thinking of our next move. I pull his face close to mine again, I can feel the heat of his body, he is always so much warmer than me. I pull him closer until we are embracing, my arms wrapped tightly around his body, taking in his scent, feeling the heat radiating from him, I tell him I love him, and I how excited I am that he is here. His hand is holding onto my waist, but slowly it moves down thigh, it inches closer to my pussy and I tell him that if he touches he is bound to fail. He hesitates for a moment but I tell him he should feel how wet I am, I know he can’t resist, his hand slides up my thigh and he places his palm on my pussy, it rests there for a second before he slides his middle finger along my slit. My lips part and he is met with a gush of juices, warm and inviting. He hangs his head and whispers


He knows he’s screwed. I remind him that he cannot penetrate, and this includes his fingers, he lets out a frustrated moan but he can’t stop touching my pussy, it responds to him, inviting him in but he continues to resist.

He fingers circle my clit, he is trying hard to break me, my pussy is throbbing to be taken but I know he wants it more. By now his cock is rock hard, he pushes it against me, rubbing on me. He continues to tease my clit, rubbing it in circles, the intensity is building in my body, he knows he is breaking me down. This time I push him away.

We lay together for a moment, each of us smack talking, pushing each other, teasing each other, I pull him closer and I kiss him intensely, my tongue exploring his mouth, he hears me moan and kisses me harder, I pull him on top of me, his raging hard cock pressed against my pussy, my juices flowing down his shaft. I break from the kiss and whisper in his ear

“You want to fuck me”

He lets out a frustrated groan and tells me he’s going to win.

I pull him in to kiss again, biting his lower lip, my tongue fighting his. He rubs against me until his cock is completely soak in my juices and his head has met my entrance. He pauses and looks at me,

“You want me” I say,

“Can’t you feel how wet I am?”

“My pussy is throbbing for you”

“You want it, you know you do”

“It’s inviting you in”

“It’s ok to lose”

Frustrated he allows his head to slide between my lips, pausing at the point of no return, pushing against the tightness, feeling the wetness and heat.

“You want me baby”

I whisper again in his ear, I kiss his neck, my tongue flicks his ear lobe and I whisper

“He’s right there, why don’t you just give him what he wants?”

Still he holds out, he cock continuing to slide up and down my lips, now im getting frustrated, now I want him to just fuck me, I want him to plunge it in, im ready to explode, my pussy is aching to be taken, I want him so badly, a moan escapes my mouth and I pull his ear to my mouth

“Tell me how badly you want to fuck me right now?”

The only thing to escape his mouth is a growl.

“Say you want me” I whisper again.

“I fucking want you baby” he responds.

By now I can feel myself dripping and the sheets moistening beneath my ass. He pauses again, I meet his gaze. I stare into his eye and I tell him I love him.

“I love you too” he says as he plunges into me.

He fucks me hard and fast, I feel my orgasm building, I push him off and climb on top of him. I lean in and kiss him gently, I look into his eyes with my devilish grin

“I win”.

Riding him slowly, feeling his cock fill my pussy, my orgasm builds quickly, I throw my head back, my breasts bouncing as my body unleashes the biggest orgasm I have ever had. I feel a gush of juices pour out over his cock, over his torso, soaking the sheets beneath him. I’m shocked at myself but he is loving every second of it. He throws me off and turns me around. He enters from behind, with every thrust, more juice squirts from my pussy, I can feel it running down his thighs, I cannot stop what is happening, but I don’t want it to stop either, he fucks he, harder and faster until he cannot hold it any longer and cums hard as his arms wrap around my body. After quickly cleaning up, we collapse on the bed, I feel the sleepiness begin to wash over me. I turn to look at him, his smiling eyes gazing back at me

“I love you” I say.

“I love you too” he responds back.

I lay back and let the sleep wash over.

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