Purrfect LV- A review

During a recent trip to Las Vegas, Ethan and I decided to attend a swinger event I had seen posted on Fetlife. The party was to be held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the entrance fee was $60 for couples, $10 for single women and $100 for single men. The entrance fee includes an invite to an after party suite.

The party was scheduled to start at 10 pm and after party started at 1 pm. The evening leading up to the party Ethan and I had decided to catch a Cirque Du Soleil show, called Zumanity, which was appropriate for the theme for the evening because it was burlesque themed and contained a lot of suggestive acts and scenes containing nudity. After the show, we returned back at our hotel at around 9 pm and I started to get ready for the evening. I wore a black figure hugging dress that stopped at the knees, the back of the dress was open and cut low to the small of my back, I paired the outfit with my suede blue 4 inch heels and a blue jacket. I did my signature smokey dark eyes and red lips look and finished the look off with my rose gold fan style earrings. Ethan wore black jeans, a black button down shirt and donned his usual delicious smelling cologne.

We took a taxi to the Mandalay Bay, as we walked into the lobby, some nerves crept in and I suggested we gamble a little before hand. I was thinking of the PurrfectLV flyer I had seen and imagined I would be walking into a room full of hot, sexy swingers, tall slim blondes with their west coast tans and muscular entrepreneurial types that wore Armani and drove sports cars, my mind really does get carried away sometimes. After playing a few slots and losing another $40 we made our way to the podium by the lobby, there we were checked in and given information about the after party. Much to our surprise the after-party was being held at another location, since there was no mention of this on the flyer we had assumed the after party was going to be at a suite at the Mandalay Bay, later when we had talked with a few other couples, they had made the same assumption. When checking in they ask for your photo I.D which needs to match your reservation, so no fake names allowed for the reservation. You are then led to an elevator and taken up to the Foundation Room located on the 63rd Floor, The Foundation room where a Jameson on ice cost $19 and a mixer sets you back around $20 has a main bar and dance floor, there are dancers on podiums scattered around the room and other private rooms leading off the main dance floor, we were in the media suite, a smallish room lined with couches and tables, it could easily hold 10-15 couples. The was a “no playing rule” at the get together, this was purely a meet and greet for like minded couples, any playtime was to happen at the after party.

By the time we had checked in it was around 11:40 pm we ventured into our private room to see just one other couple present, so we ducked out again to the main bar and ordered a couple of drinks. Upon returning more couples had arrived, they were all varying ages, ethnicity's and socioeconomic backgrounds, I introduced myself to a few couple during the evening, we discussed where they had traveled from, what they did for work and how long they have been in the lifestyle, everyone was very friendly. There must have been around 10 couples that evening and I noticed one or two single men that didn’t hang around very long.

There was a moment during the evening where we stepped out to the terrace, the view from the 63rd floor was amazing, the sky was clear and there was a cool breeze, I looked out the view below thinking how ugly the Vegas landscape was, I looked around at the beautiful people on the terrace and I felt out of place, this girl that grew up poor, went to school with other kids that ended on a dead end path, I was partying and drinking, something good girls didn’t do. Yet the atmosphere pulled me back in and I pushed aside my inside thoughts and went back inside for a drink.

As the evening progressed I navigated towards a couple that were from the west coast, we got to know each other, danced and flirted. At around 1 am they left to go to the after party. I wasn’t ready to leave yet so we told them we would meet them over there, we started talking to another couple that were locals, she was a beautiful blond Russian girl and still had her thick accent, her boyfriend was Hispanic American. We sat around and socialized for a while but the party quickly dissipated within the next hour. I pulled Ethan aside to ask him if he wanted to go to the party. He said he would be up for it and I agreed, the four of us made our way to the suite which happened to be near where we were staying.

When we arrived at the suite location it was a quiet no name older hotel. The room was a two story suite, which upon entering led you straight into the living/dining room. We were greeted by the host who was still setting up drinks; there were a few couples scattered in the room, in the harsh brightness of regular hotel lighting you could see that we were all just normal looking couples. The suite had a second floor and I went to explore it, the upstairs had a bedroom with a private bath, there I found our earlier couple having sex with each other over the bathroom vanity. I stood and watched them fucking for a few minutes, making eye contact with the husband as he fucked his wife from behind, I could tell that he enjoyed being watched. I wondered if they would want me to join but they didn’t beckon me over so I gave him a little smile and left them to it.

Back downstairs I walked into another bedroom, which had an en-suite bathroom and a fireplace in one corner; it also and a Jacuzzi tub behind a beaded screen behind the bedroom. There was a couple making out on the bed. The Russian walked in and asked them if she could join and they declined saying they only liked being watched.

I decided I wanted to take a Jacuzzi and asked the Russian couple to join us, as we filled the tub and removed our clothes the old insecurities about my scars found its way into my head, but just as it did I pushed it back out, why do I allow myself to give negative dialogue a place my thoughts? I know that regardless of my scars and my less than perfect body, I am beautiful inside and out. Unfortunately for us the Jacuzzi was a disappointment and we decided to abandon it, as I was getting out of the tub I was distracted by the sounds coming from the bed. I peered over and saw the couple really going at it, she saw me watching and gave me a smile. Just then I felt a hand on my breast and someone began to kiss my neck - the lips and hands were soft and I knew it was the Russian girl. I continued to watch the couple as they climaxed and then proceeded to pull the Russian to the bed where she gave me a little push onto the bed and went to explore between my legs, with Ethan and her boyfriend watching as she ate me out with a ferocious appetite. As she came up for air, her bedroom eyes staring at me she asked me why I was so sexy, I pulled her in and kissed her hard, tasting my own juices on her mouth. I beckoned the boys to join and thus began our wild night of passion and fucking.

What happened during that evening is now a blurry mess but I won’t forget how sexy it was, I won’t forget slipping my fingers into the girl and feeling how wet she was, I remember rubbing her g-spot and sucking on her clit as her body went wild with an orgasm. I remember hands all over my body, grabbing my breasts, twisting my nipples and stroking my skin, I remember sharing Ethan’s cock with the girl as we took turns sucking him off and then doing the same to her boyfriend. I remember sitting back and watching as Ethan fucked her. I remember having multiple orgasms back to back, and finally falling back exhausted. By 4:30 am I was done. The Russian couple gave us a ride back to our hotel and we exchanged numbers. In true introvert mode I was ready to crawl into myself as I showered off and climbed into bed. Kissing Ethan goodnight, I told him I need to process the night, which meant I wanted some alone time. I fell asleep immediately and woke a few hours later absolutely ravenous, the next day in Vegas was our last, the couple messaged us asking if we want to meet up but I decided I want our last day to be just us.

In conclusion, PurrfectLV certainly delivered, while all the newbie couples felt the advertisement was a little deceptive, the whole event was still a great evening, the get together at Mandalay Bay was fun and discreet, the DJ’s choice in music wasn't everyone's liking, I loved it as it reminded me of my college days, think Usher circa 2002. Definitely music to get down and dirty to.

While I personally would have enjoyed a more upscale after-party suite, it wasn’t until recently that I found out the venue was lifestyle friendly which is why it was held there. The suite was spacious, clean and had multiple rooms to play.

Would we do it again?….Well we are already planning our next trip, so fingers crossed we will be playing again soon.