Updated: Jul 10, 2019

I landed in Paris after 23 hours of travel. Ethan had already been in Europe for two weeks for work and caught the early Eurostar from London to meet me at the Hotel R De Paris. I arrived in Paris early and caught a bus from the airport to Paris city center, the bus dropped me off a few blocks away from my hotel and I decided to walk the last 15 minutes of my journey, It has been 15 years since the last time I was in Paris and the city was just as beautiful as I remembered, I was hoping the room would be ready when I arrived so I could take a shower and freshen up for Ethan, but I was out of luck, the room wouldn’t be ready until 3pm and it was only 9:30 am. Thankfully the receptionist offered to allow me to shower in the spa. I went down to the basement where the spa showers were located and turned on the water, it was a chilly morning so I let the hot water heat up my bones. It felt amazing. Getting dressed in fresh clothes I could feel my excitement building. We have been together for two years and the idea of seeing Ethan again always gave me butterflies. I returned to the reception just in time to see him stroll in. He had a huge smile as his big arms embraced me. I nuzzled in and breathed in the scent of his cologne, he always smelled so good.

As it was too early to check-in we left our bags and decided to explore the streets of Paris. We walked together as he told me about his trip, the different countries he visited, the food he tried and the delicious wines he tasted from different regions of Europe. We eventually found ourselves in Montmarte. It was beautiful, we passed by stores with delicious looking desserts, had our pictures drawn by street artists and followed the church bells to Le Sacre Coeur. We decided to climb the 300 stairs to the top of the dome and looked out at the city. It was quiet and we found ourselves alone.

As I am someone that doesn’t enjoy public displays of affection we finally found a place to have our hello kiss. He looked at me and brushed my hair out of my face, he kissed me softly and said hello. He kissed me again before we pulled away to continue our tour. He pulled out his camera and began to take pictures of the city, I love watching him in his element. I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him and let my head rest on his shoulders. He smelled so good so I couldn't help but let my hand wonder under his shirt, I felt the softness of his skin. My hands continued exploring and found itself running down his torso, his penis instantly jumped to attention as my hand brushed past. I knew it was naughty but I had to give him a little stroke. I withdrew my hand and we decided it was time to head back to the hotel.

It was still early when we arrived back but the room was ready. It was a small but beautiful Parisian hotel room with large floor to ceiling windows that faced the street. Exhausted I collapsed on the bed. Ethan wanted to freshen up and decided to take a quick shower. I opened the window to feel the afternoon sun warm my face and decided to take off my clothes and lay down. Ethan exited the bathroom wearing a towel, he leaned in and kissed me hard awakening his cock causing his towel to unravel and fall to the floor. I pulled him close and we continued to kiss, we could hear the city noise below us. I leaned back on the bed, naked in the afternoon sun, he stood there taking it all in.

“Baby” I say.

“Yes” he responds.

“It’s time to fuck me”.

I pull him towards the bed and climb on top of him, my pussy is so wet he slides right in, I lean forward, eyes connected, his hands on my ass as I slowly begin to ride him, his hands travel up my waist and to my rib cage stopping right under my breasts, he loves to feel them bounce against his hand as he pulls me up and thrusts me onto his cock, I ride to orgasm. Exhausted and satisfied I roll off him. I have now been awake for nearly 27 hours, I turn to face him, he's is looking at me and smiling, slowly my eyes get heavy, unable to blink it away I finally let sleep take over.

An hour later I am awake again, still sleepy it takes me a moment to realize where I am. I forgot he was next to me, I turn around and see his smiling face looking back at me, he was watching me rest, he reaches over and moves the hair out of my eyes.

“Hey there beautiful”, he whispers.

Still sleepy, I turn back and look out the window again, I feel his hands stroking my body and something hard pressed against my back. He didn’t finish earlier so he was ready to go again. I can never deny him. I shift up and align my pussy against his cock inviting him in, he pushes past my lips and enters me slowly. Hearing that familiar moan and satisfied chuckle, he is loving every moment of it. The beautiful room in the most romantic city in the world, his hands on my hips, he is kissing my neck. Slowly he makes loves to me, taking his time to bring me to orgasm. His pace increases as my breathing quickens.

“I never want to forget this moment” he says.

I turn to him and say, “Then get your phone”.

He pauses for a moment, shocked that I suggested it, the girl who didn’t kiss in public and would never send a nude photo was telling him to get his phone so he could record our love making.

Without questioning he pulls away and grabs his phone, excitedly he takes his position behind me and hits record. The excitement from recording and hearing me moan makes him fucks me harder and harder until he finally explodes. He sets the phone down and kisses me hard.

“Thank you baby, you’re fucking amazing” he tells me.

We clean up and settle back down to watch our little movie as the beautiful sunset slowly steals light from the room.

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