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Our First At-Home Swap

When it comes to playing with others, Elle and I differ in fundamental ways. Elle prefers anonymous sex because she doesn’t want to develop a relationship with anyone. But anonymous sex is risky and I like to have a connection with the people I have sex with, so my preference is to play with individual couples or a small, group of friends in a private setting. The local lifestyle scene is sorely lacking, so our sexcapades have generally involve taking weekend getaways where we’ll explore sex clubs or lifestyle events, that is, until the experience of today’s post, which was our first couple swap in a private residence.

We initially met John and Sarah online. They were a young, attractive couple in their mid-30s and seemed easy going. John seemed like a nice guy, and I’ll shamelessly admit that I was particularly attracted to Sarah’s great ass that sported a thigh gap, which is my Kryptonite. After a few brief conversations, we decided to meet for dinner. Our first impression of the couple was Sarah was a hippie chick with a bubbly, talkative personality, whereas John was quite unassuming. Much of the dinner conversation was driven by the girls that evening, which interesting because it covered topics about sex and the lifestyle, which is always a fun conversation to have in a crowded restaurant. John and Sarah reminded me a lot of my friends from my hometown so I enjoyed the evening overall, but Elle was not taken by John’s timid nature and didn’t feel a connection and was skeptical about things leading anywhere. Nonetheless, I maintained contact, because let’s face it, there was that thigh gap and I had to have it!

Elle and I lead busy lives and we can’t always make travel arrangements when the mood to play strikes us. One such occasion occurred before the Coronavirus pandemic when a weekend suddenly freed up and Elle suggested we find a couple to play with so I reached out to a few couples to see who would be available on short notice and John and Sarah responded with an invitation to join them at their place. During one of my conversations with John I learnt that he was a trained masseuse, which I noted as a way to maybe break the ice with Elle, because who doesn’t enjoy a great massage. Now the opportunity presented itself, so we arranged for an evening of sexy couples massage, swinger-style.

When we arrived at their home, we were greeted at the door by John who was wearing dark pants and a buttoned-down shirt - I assumed he had just returned from work. On entering, we were greeted by Sarah who looked like she had just jumped out of the shower - she was dressed super casually wearing a loose, oversized T-shirt and casual pants and her hair was disheveled and she had no makeup on. Their home was small so we sat at their kitchen table and the spatters of food showed signs of young children. We were a little taken back by the scene because we were dressed up like you would do to impress a date and even swung by a wine store on our way to pick up a good bottle of wine. While it wasn’t a great first impression, it was apparent to us that they had busy lives and were working hard to raise kids and build their lives.

The evening started off slowly as Sarah spent a lengthy amount of time talking about this and that while she munched on a salad. I sat there sipping on my wine and I was entertained by her stories and affable personality, occasionally distracted by a piece of spinach stuck between her teeth. John barely said a word throughout the evening. We weren’t sure if we should be making the first move and just as I was beginning to wonder if anything was going to happen that evening, Sarah finally suggested we move to their bedroom because they were getting tired and needed to get an early start in the morning … it was not the most graceful transition and it made me think that maybe I should’ve stepped in earlier to get the mood going and the sexy part of the evening started.

Nonetheless, we proceeded up to their bedroom and the girls removed their tops and lay alongside one another on their stomachs. It was quite a sight to behold with two women with super sexy figures lying alongside one another. Elle’s sexy curves and raven black hair falling over her beautiful back, and Sarah with her long slender body, milky white skin and amazing ass. I was going to enjoy this! The room was softly lit by dimmed lights and candles which set the mood nicely. The husband handed me some massage oil and we proceeded to give the girl’s a massage. Not known for my massaging skills, I tried to recall a massage lesson that Elle and I took last year and set about the massage. I’ll relay what transpired as it were in the moment ...

Hands well-oiled rubbing her trapezoids and shoulders and then moving to her back massaging in firm circular motions. Running the palms of my hands away from her spine to completely relax her back. Moving towards hands slowly over her body with just enough firmness to feel her muscles and bones under my fingers. Transitioning to legs, rubbing her feet and then her calves with my thumbs. Hands around thighs now massaging hamstrings with thumbs. Legs parting slightly as I move up her legs to the base of her ass. Feeling the warmth of her vagina radiating from between her legs. Pulling her pelvis up to raise and arch it a little and expose her thigh gap, a part of a woman’s anatomy that drives me wild.

Gazing what is presented before me with a very strong desire to pull her panties aside and thrust my cock into that gap! Quelling the urge I instruct her to roll over onto her back. Begin massaging her cute little breasts, teasing her areola and giving her nipples a gentle twist and tug from time to time. Hands down her sides feeling the bumps of her rib-cage opening up to the softness of her waist and stomach and then down her outer thighs feeling. Enjoying her womanly curves and with every run of my hands over her midriff, moving closer to her nether regions, lingering longer every time to build up the anticipation in her. Finally slipped her panties off.

Begin giving her a yoni massage. Start with a gentle and slow massage around her clitoris avoiding direct contact. Started with large circles moving to smaller circles progressing until my fingers are caressing the hood of her clit. Rubbing my fingers along her labia touching each crevasse and contour slowly but denying her my fingers completely. Feel her juices on my fingertips. Pulled my fingers up the sides of her hood to retract and reveal her clit and then back down to conceal it again. Pushing and pulling, pushing and pulling - imagining how it must feel for her exposed clit to be exposed. Massaging her yoni area as a whole now, stimulating multiple areas in combination. Running my fingers from the top of the vagina and over her clit with a little more pressure than before, then down around her lips and vaginal opening. Moving from the bottom up and repeating over and over, adjusting pressure and speed as her pleasure mounts. Using two hands now - one hand massaging her clit with fingers, while the other massages her lips in a synchronized, repetitive motion. She’s really wet now. Slipping in two fingers to find her g-spot. There it is, a rough little spot just below her public bone - hers is spread out a little. Slowly massaging it in a circular motion gradually speeding up and applying more pressure. Time to go down on her!

Parting her legs. Running my hands down her inner thighs. A few quick strokes of her labia with my thumbs, positioning them to open her up. Part her lips, slip my tongue in. She tastes good. Running my tongue up her slit. Sucking on her clit, teasing it with the tip of my tongue. Slipping a couple of fingers in to stimulate her g-spot again while sucking on her clit. Fingers doing the beckoning motion that works so well to bring on an orgasm. She’s moaning more now. Feel her welling up. Inner vagina is swelling. There it is, the gush of her orgasm.

My attention is drawn to Elle who is transitioning to give John a blow job. Stepping back and removing my pants. I instruct Sarah to face Elle and John. Moving in behind Sarah as she lays on the bed. Caressing her shoulders. Fondling her breasts as we watch Elle sucking on John’s cock. Hearing the sounds. Seeing her run her tongue along his shaft. Her head bobs up and down between his legs. He’s moaning. Running my hands down her sides and over her ass. Time to slip my cock in that thigh gap - my cock begins to stiffen at the thought. This is going to be good!

Suddenly Elle jumps up. I stop and look up, concerned. What’s wrong? What happened? Elle rushes to the bathroom wiping a bead of semen from her lip. He came in her mouth. Their playtime is over and I’m sure as hell not going to have them sit and watch me. Our playtime ends rather abruptly, my mood is lost, and no thigh gap is going to resurrect it.

As we drive home, Elle and I reflect on the evening as we always do and the lessons we learnt. We believe this is important because communication is always super important in the lifestyle and the post-play conversation allows us to voice what we liked and didn’t like about the experience so we don’t repeat any mistakes. I felt good about the evening because I got to experience a thigh gap! It was a great turn on and a fun experience. Unfortunately, Elle didn’t have a great time - she was hoping John would open up in his own house, but he didn’t and she felt he lacked “dick etiquette” for cumming in her mouth without fair warning. So, we agreed on three things… Firstly, if your partner doesn’t feel it, they should not have to take one for the team because if they’re not enjoying themselves, then neither will you. Secondly, if you want to have a great experience, take time to develop a relationship with your new friends because a hookup is still a hookup in the lifestyle, and at least for us, hookups are very unsatisfying. Finally, when we host a couple, we hope to make it a special experience for everyone, creating a comfortable atmosphere, making an effort to look good, and providing some light snacks and alcohol.

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