Oasis Aqualounge/ Toronto CA

It was a Friday afternoon when I found myself in downtown Toronto with not much to do, Ethan had been sent there on business and surprised me with a plane ticket to join him, we hadn't had the opportunity to spend much time together due to conflicting work schedules and other obligations so I jumped at the chance to join him on one of his business trips. Unfortunately since it was a last minute thing I didn't get my usual lead time to research “things to do in Toronto”.

I did however have a friend out there that I have been eager to meet up with and was able to convince him to meet me for a last minute coffee between work meetings. I had known that this friend and his wife had been the lifestyle for as long as I’ve known him, I had always been curious about it and was always full of questions. We met for coffee near my hotel and he told me about the city, we discussed the city under the city (which explained why there wasn't many people in the street.) We discussed real estate, and our upcoming vacations. Then we got down to the juicy stuff...sex, sex, sex. People have always told me that I am an easy person to talk to, so when I get the chance to ask someone intimate details they never have a problem sharing. Since Ethan and I have been talking about visiting a sex positive place for a while I figured I could ask my friend for advice. The first place he mentioned was the Oasis Aqualounge, it was a little spa like club in the sense that it had a very relaxed atmosphere, heated outdoor pool, hot tub, and sauna. He told me it was his wife's favorite place. They were pretty strict about the rules and the place was clean, this is essential as both myself and Ethan can be slightly germaphobic.

I got back to the hotel room around 3pm and waited for Ethan to finish work, during that time I looked up this place up and checked out the reviews. Friday nights at Oasis was couples and single women only. I felt that it would be a perfect place for a pair of first timers, nice relaxing place that isn't overwhelmed with a sausage party. I told Ethan that it was time to take the leap, we are in a foreign place where no one knows us, its now or never. We discussed our boundaries, I said I wasn't sure if I would want to hook up with another couple during my first time in a new place, but if the mood strikes me I would consider it, however there would be no penetration by anyone other than Ethan.

At around 6pm we left the hotel, we were going to try out another thing that was now legal in Toronto and that was buying marijuana. We found ourselves at The Hunny Pot on Queen street, we knew it must’ve been good since there was a line about 20 people deep when we arrived. The building had a whimsical bee themed exterior, the windows had coverings so no one could see in. Once we got inside we were met by a friendly receptionist who told us our server would be with us shortly, “server?” yes….server. He greeted us and told us that every customer was assigned a person who would escort them around the store and assist them with their purchases and any questions they had. I immediately asked about the oils. I had smoked pot and eaten gummies in the past but I heard oil would be potent. He first tried to show us the top of the range oils but we stopped him and said we were only in town for two days so 90% of the product would be going in the trash. He then showed us a more reasonable priced small bottle, it was just $22 CAD.

After buying the pot I wanted to find a little place for dinner, Ethan and I have a rule about not eating at any chain restaurants when we go on trips. We found a tiny little authentic Japanese restaurant (Ematei) around the corner from the Hunny Pot that sold my favorite food of all time, chicken katsu curry. The hostess was a near blind Japanese woman that must've been close to 90 yrs old, we waited approx an hour for a table but it was worth it. I ordered my curry and Ethan ate spicy tuna roll and BBQ chicken wings. He wanted to keep his meal light so he wouldn't feel bloated. We decided to take a small dose of the oil after we finished our food and then ubered to the Oasis Aqualounge.

The Aqualounge was a converted old house in a residential area of the city. As we entered the building we were buzzed in by a lady at the front desk, we first had to register and pay the entrance fee which was $95 CAD, a little steep but thankfully the USD CAD exchange rate was in our favor. The receptionist gave a little overview of the place. It was a sex positive environment and no judgement was allowed, no means no and you can't ask twice, no sex in the hot tub, stairwells or bathrooms. Next she handed us a locker key and sent us upstairs to change. This was going to be the very first time i was going to be naked in front of people and the thought was a little terrifying, all my wobbly bits and scars would be on show for everyone to judge. We proceeded up the stairs and into the changing area, where we quickly took off our clothes and wrapped towels around ourselves.

The first thing we decided to do was to hit up the hot tub, there's no sex allowed so we figured it would be a safe place to go. There was another lady in the hot tub when we arrived but she left just as soon as we got in. As I sat in the hot tub naked watching my own breasts bounce between the bubbles, I had a moment of WTF am I doing here, is this real or am I dreaming this...I think the small dose of cannabis oil hit.

Next it was time to get into the pool where other people were hanging out, part of me wanted to just run and jump into the pool but i knew that would draw more attention to myself so we walked to the quiet end and got in only to realize why everyone was at the other end. The pool was deep, it would have been impossible for me to carry a conversation with anyone while I spastically attempted to tread water. I noticed people looked our way when we entered the pool but they barely blinked and continued with their conversations. It was always one of my silly bucket list items to swim naked in a pool, I never thought I would be doing it with other naked strangers present but I wasn't about to let it stop me from enjoying my naked swim. There was truly something liberating about being naked, outside, with other people and realizing that we were all just human. After being in the pool for 20 minutes Ethan left to get us some wine. At this time a beautiful blonde woman entered the pool, she had flawless skin, small frame, innocent face and the most delicate looking breasts I have ever seen. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that she was looking at me, she tried a few times to catch my attention but shyness overcame me and I avoided making eye contact.

Ethan arrived back with the wine and jumped back into the pool, we began to tease each other, I kissed him passionately while I had my arms and legs wrapped around him, he walked me across the pool until we hit the side and entered me, even though sex is permitted in the pool I was still very aware of the presence of other people so we discreetly fucked, I still remember how it felt every time he thrusted in, more pool water would enter washing away my natural lubrication, allowing the sex to feel more raw. While we were wrapped up in our own little bubble an employee came to announce they were hosting an educational seminar on masturbation, we decided to disconnect and follow a few other couples to the second floor to see what we could learn.

One the second floor we all gathered in one room on a giant bed. The seminar which lasted over an hour was hosted by a social worker turned sex educator, while she had a spritely personality, the contents was incredibly boring, she passed around some masturbatory tools which I had never seen before but aside from that there was very little else I took away from the seminar. Ethan later told me that the beautiful blonde from the pool was doing a little footsie flirting with him while we were on the bed but he didn't want to flirt back and wanted me to make the first move.

After the seminar ended we decided to explore the house. We knew the first floor comprised of the hot tub, sauna, and pool. As well as a full service bar and changing rooms. The second floor was split into two sections. The section where the seminar was held was a large room, the bed was on one end of the room and was approximately the width of two king beds and the length of 1.5 beds. The middle of the room had some chairs for people to sit and and enjoy the show on the bed. The other end of the room was a stage. The other side of the 2nd floor has a BDSM room. There was a suspended swing, a glory hole booth, a spanking chair, St. Andrews cross, and a few other items I’m not yet familiar with. The place did not provide any gear, you must remember to bring your own. I was excited when I discovered the glory hole booth, I pushed him into the other side and as I squatted down to suck him off I could feel myself start to tingle down below, so I reached down my hand and started sliding my finger up and down my slit, feeling the juices gush while my other hand was working his thick shaft, I flicked my tongue around his cock and shoved it down my throat, I licked his dick from his balls to the tip, every moment turning me on more and more, at one stage the door on his side opened and I wondered if he would send someone else in but we continued to play for a while. I didn’t want to spend the whole time in the room so we gathered our towels and stepped back into the main room. There were other couples present, one guy was sitting on a bench while his partner sucked him off and another couple was fucking in the swing.

The third floor was full of playrooms, there was a bar set back in a corner room, and along the sides of the stairwell there were other rooms, some with big beds some with smaller ones but all designed for group play, there was one room in the far corner that consisted of a stiletto chair on one side and the back half of an old fashioned minivan against the wall, the car was whimsically named the shaggin wagon.

I sat Ethan down in the stiletto chair and sucked him off. The chair was awkward and a bit of a squeeze, not necessarily the best place for a blowjob and so we moved to the back of the truck. He laid down my towel so I was fully exposed and had me sit in the car. He watched me to watch to see who came along while he went down on me. I did as I was told and smiled at the people walking around looking for rooms to fuck. I remember realizing that what we were doing was OK, everyone here was here for the same reason. I pulled him up from his feast and told him I wanted to go watch. So we returned to the second floor and watched 3 couples play together, the couples would only penetrate their own partner but everything else was fair game. We were one of three couples that was watching this orgy, just a sea of nude bodies and it didn't feel wrong or bad.

We returned to the BDSM room and Ethan helped me into the swinging chair, by this time we had been playing for a long time and the amount of nudity and sex that was happening didn’t seem out of the ordinary. He played with my pussy to get me going again which seemed to awaken the little guy. He took his cock and slide it into my pussy, swinging me back and forth, in and out, the harder he fucked me the more I bounced away. I could feel my pussy try to hold onto his cock every time he withdrew, the only thing I didn't like about the swing was that it was impossible for him to kiss me since I was leaning away from him. I decided that I wanted a little real intimacy, so we went back upstairs. At the very top of the stairs there was a room that had a red bed and was bathed in a red light that was open. We knew it would be the perfect spot for playing together. We could see everyone coming up and down the stairs and they could see us, they could sense our intimacy, see us kissing, watch us while we fucked each other. It was such a turn on.

He started off by kissing me, running his hands down my body before parting my legs for any passersby to see, he rubbed my clit as he continued to kiss me, bringing his fingers to my mouth every so often so I could wet his fingers and taste my own juices. I bent over and took him in my mouth, giving his cock little kisses, taking him fully into my mouth until I could feel him hit the back of my throat, every now and then he held my head down as he thrusted a little harder in my mouth causing me to choke a little and causing the saliva to run down his balls, I love this dom side of him. He turned me around so I was watching the people pass by again and I felt him slide in between my legs and into my wet pussy he thrust into me, hard and unforgivingly this caused me to let out my soft grunt. Fuck...this guy was turned on. He thrusted again harder and harder. When someone would walk by he would direct me to look up and watch them as they checked us out. He enjoyed seeing them too. As he fucked me from behind I could feel my orgasm building, the sounds that I was trying to muffle kept escaping from my mouth, I was trying to hold my orgasm back, trying to keep my noise level down but I finally had to give in, I let it all out, the grunts, the swearing, the motherfucking orgasm I held in for most of the evening.

We collapsed on the bed and snuggled in close, I asked him if he was disappointed that we didn't play with others, and he assured me he was fine with it, he asked me if I was disappointed and I told him that I was glad we didn't, it was a big step for us, the girl that didn't like being the center of attention, or showing off her body was just fucking in front of other people. As the night drew to a close we kept checking in on each other. How would we feel in the morning? How would this change us? After taking this leap could we go back to vanilla sex and still find it amazing? All these questions that we cannot yet answer, but the one we know that hasn't changed is our love for each other.

In conclusion to this storytime/review how would I rate the Oasis Aqualounge?

Location- Located in downtown Toronto, I really couldn't ask for a better location, it was a $10 Uber ride from our hotel, located away from busy streets. 5/5

Staff- The staff was friendly, we were not offered a tour but there was plenty of staff members around to make sure everyone was behaving. 4/5

People- The crowd was a mix bag, the majority was younger couples (20's and 30's) a fair share of couples in their 40's and maybe one couple that was in their early 50's. The age groups tend to play with each other. The guests were all various size and shapes, I didn't notice any judgmental looks at all. Everyone present was there for the same reason. Vibe was 4/5.

Cleanliness- The place was very clean, and staff members were continually cleaning. It would have been better if there was spray bottles and paper towels in every room so we could wipe down the beds before and after our own play time. We were able to lay down towels but when you are rolling around a bed, the towel does not follow. 3/5

Amenities- Heated outdoor pool, hot tub, sauna, stripper poles, plenty of places to play. Plenty of clean towels were available. There was a full bar which was great (it seems to be illegal in Illinois) The only negative I could think of was them not providing any toys for us to use in the BDSM room, simple things like paddles, floggers, and some rope would have helped. Especially for those of us that come from out of town and don't want to worry about TSA going through our suitcases. 4/5.

All in all we enjoyed our first time at the Oasis Aqualounge and would definitely visit it again if we ever find ourselves back in Toronto. It's a place where you are surrounded by sex positive people, people that don’t judge, and people that embrace their own uniqueness.

For more information visit https://oasisaqualounge.com/

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