My first time visiting a swingers club

While in Toronto, we heard about a club called The X-Club, which was located just outside the city. The night before, we had ventured into the Oasis Aqualounge and had a liberating experience, and I was ready to take it to the next level.

After a relaxing day exploring the city we decided to take a nap so we would be refreshed for the evening, as I was drifting off to sleep, some fears crept into my mind, what will happen tonight? How will I feel if I get rejected? What if I hate it? How will I feel if he has sex with another girl? How would he feel about me hooking up with another guy? Will he think less of me? Will I be jealous? How will this change us? I told Ethan I wasn’t sure about going, and he assured me he was OK with whatever decision we made. These thoughts spun in my head as I eventually drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

I awoke at 11 pm and woke him up “do you still want to go?” I asked, dazed from sleep he wasn’t sure what I was saying “do you still want to go?” I asked again. His eyes suddenly cleared as it hit him. “Ummmm….are you sure? You seemed very hesitant earlier”

“I know but I’m fine now”

“Are you sure?” he repeated.

“Yes Ethan, its now or never”

Nervously and excitedly we both got ready, I washed my face and carefully applied my makeup, dark eyes for the mysterious look, red lips for passion, I sprayed on my favorite Gucci perfume and slipped on my black mini dress that I had purchased from It had a soft leathery feel, and sheer cutouts bearing my cleavage and stomach, and paired it with my 5 inch heels, I kept my hair down so it was ready for some pulling if the evening called for it.

Ethan wore his soft leather pants that accentuated his ass, a black and grey button down shirt and his Aramis cologne, simple yet sexy.

As I looked at myself in the mirror, Ethan came behind me “you look beautiful”, he said as he kissed the top of my head so he wouldn’t ruin my makeup.

“I don’t want to look beautiful, I’m going for sexy”

“Then you’re sexy as fuck”

He grabbed my ass and pulled me close and said, “I’m the luckiest man in the world”.

Smelling his cologne as he complimented me, I could feel my lacy underwear moisten.

As we were about to exit the hotel room I realized I would have to pass through the lobby, and everyone would see me, this thirty-something mom of two dressed slutty for a mysterious evening out. A moment of hesitation hit me, but I pushed it aside as I grabbed my navy blue jacket and booked an Uber.

We sat quietly on the car ride to the club with Ethan’s hand was over mine, and I wondered if the driver knew about this club. Ethan and I shared knowing glances and excited smiles.

“No pressure” I silently mouthed to him and he nodded in agreement and squeezed my hand. We arrived shortly after midnight, the club was in the middle of an industrial area, the only other people were club goers. Ethan paid the entrance fee and led me in. The club was small, there was a large bar in the center, white couches lined the walls and two stripper poles stood high on the dance floor. The evening was sponsored by Young Swingers Week, but the age of the crowd varied from mid 20’s up to 60.

We decided not to drink during the evening as we wanted to be of sound mind as we went through the evenings events, opting for bottles of water instead. I led Ethan to the dance floor, the music was a mix of stuff from my college days, all designed for a little bump and grinding. We danced together and every now and then caught the attention of other couples on the dance floor but again my shyness washed over me and I would break eye contact and just focus on Ethan. The atmosphere in the club was light, everyone was enjoying themselves, out of the corner of my eye I kept noticing couples leaving the dance floor at the back of the club. We knew that was where the action happened but I wasn't ready to go there just yet.

Eventually curiosity got the better of me and I asked Ethan if we could explore. We walked in the direction where we figured the play area was and at the end of the hallway where we were stopped and told that if we wanted to go into the play rooms, we had to take off our clothes in the locker rooms and grab a towel. We told the attendant that we were new and just wanted to look which she okayed.

We peered into the room. The room was a decent size, beds lined the walls and white couches in the middle. There were two couples playing together in the bed closest to us and a few couples sitting together on the couches watching. Ethan asked me if I wanted to enter and I said yes so we made our way back to the locker rooms. The locker room was small, we took off our clothes and locked them away. The light in the room was bright and I felt like it highlighted all my flaws so I felt more comfortable after we grabbed some towels and wrapped up.

Walking back into the room I was nervous. We sat on the couch and watched couples in varying stages of play, it was amazing how quickly we acclimated to the nudity. As we watched I got increasingly aroused, I tugged at Ethan’s towel and it opened revealing his stirring cock. I knelled in front of him and took him in my mouth, gently sucking and twisting my tongue over the tip of his cock. He held my head in place as he thrust a little deeper. I pushed my head back signaling him to let go and proceeded to lick his cock from his balls to the tip - the lighting in the room was bright and his cock glistened as I continued to wrap my mouth up and down his shaft. As I sucked him off something caught my eye - it was a doorway and I curiously wondered where it led. I got up and walked towards the doorway, with Ethan following behind.

The doorway led to a darkened room, and as I stepped into the room, I was met by the sounds of many people fucking. My eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness and I realized we were in a room with a large bed in the middle, half the bed was taken up by a group of eight having an orgy, the sea of nudity was mesmerizing and incredibly erotic. There was a space in front of where we stood and I turned and pulled Ethan towards me, as I lay on the bed, Ethan's head was comfortably between my legs, he licked my pussy and tasted the juices that had been building since we arrived. I watched as more couples entered the room, I looked at them as they watched me get eaten out, seeing them watch me turned me on even more. I reached down and pulled his hair and held it to my pussy. A couple that had been watching started making out next to us, she reached over and touched my arm and I responded by touching hers. She was a slight girl with small breasts and beautiful porcelain skin and I watched them as they began to fuck next to us and I could see his cock slid in and out of her pussy. She reached over again and touched my breasts and told me how amazing they felt and told her partner to feel. Now both of them were touching my breasts as Ethan continued to eat my pussy. I could feel my orgasm building as he slipped in his fingers, rubbing against my g-spot and sucking my clit, I came hard. I pulled him up to kiss me so I could taste my juices in his mouth.

I asked the girl if I could kiss her and she said yes. Her lips were soft, her tongue gently danced with mine. It had been a long time since I kissed a girl. I told Ethan he needed to kiss her and I watched him lean in, hearing him softly moan I knew he enjoyed it. Since I was laying beside his girlfriend, the other male slipped his hands between my legs and began to rub my clit. I asked Ethan if I had permission to suck this guys cock and he nodded. Then I asked the man if I could suck his cock and he excitedly thrust it towards me. During this time another couple laid down on the other side of me, I felt her hand reach over and touch my breasts and I in turn reached over to feel hers, which were a good size and fake. It was the first time I had caressed implants, they were firm but looked amazing on her. As her partner fucked her, the other guy began to rub her clit, I directed Ethan to give some attention to his girlfriend as I took the guys cock and put it in my mouth. He’s cock was above average in length and average in girth, it was easier to suck than Ethan’s girthy cock.

As I wet my mouth around the guy’s shaft I regained his attention. I began to suck his cock, lips tight around the head, sucking him like a popsicle that was beginning to melt, and my saliva ran down his shaft. His moans of ecstasy filled the room and I pulled back slightly and began to flick my tongue on the tip of his cock, before taking him fully again until he was pushing the back of my throat, which sent him wild. I was suddenly distracted by the sounds of various men behind me coming one by one, wild grunts as they all finished. I looked over at Ethan who was licking the girl’s pussy and decided I wanted to taste it myself. Her pussy was small and tasted as I expected, a little sweet and a little tangy. Ethan came back to check if I was doing OK and I asked him if I should fuck the guy and he said yes, so I asked the guy how far they went.

“We go all the way” he said.

“Then I want you to fuck me”.

He asked his girlfriend if it was OK and she encouraged him to go for it. He grabbed a condom and slipped it on. He directed me to turn around and suck Ethan’s cock. I took it in my mouth as he entered me from behind, he fucked fast. His girlfriend reached over and started playing with my breasts again and sucking on my nipples. I could feel my orgasm building again.

“Fuck me”, I commanded, and he pumped a little harder.

“Fuck me”, I called out again, his face wild with pleasure.

“Fuck me”, I said one more time.

Then suddenly he pulled out and fell backwards and lay writhing on the bed for several minutes as an intense orgasm took over his body.

“Damn” said Ethan.

“He’s like that” said the man’s girlfriend, and then turned to her boyfriend and said, “OK now”.

As we all collapsed on the bed after an hour of play Ethan told me that there were three other couples standing around us watching me get taken by the couple and himself, and two of the onlookers were rubbing their cocks at the sight of it all, which was pretty hot. We noticed the room had pretty much cleared out, I pulled Ethan close and told him it was time to leave. We kissed the other couple goodbye, went to get dressed in the locker room and left the club.

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