Elle wears the Domme hat

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

On Saturday night we decided to check out the Exxxotica event in Chicago. $50 dollar entrance fee per person and an extensive list of seminars we hoped it would be worth the time and energy to get over there. We were unfortunately rather disappointed. The seminars were basic, the products were readily available elsewhere and the talent was too young for our not quite so young selves. It was a great place for young 20-something lads to get their pictures taken with their favorite porn star, but for us oldies we would have preferred a steak dinner and a good glass of wine. We did however walk away with one new product … a flogger made up of a few wooden canes bound together.

Now I suppose you’re assuming that I am a submissive, it’s natural to assume that since I’m the female, since I like to wear cute clothes and own pretty things that I would naturally submit to a man. I won’t lie, I tried, I wanted so badly to be submissive so I attempted, but I failed miserably. I was defiant, I pouted, I ignored my doms commands and no amount of correction could tame me, at best I was a brat. However, I knew I would be a natural domme. I knew that I love to control, to give pleasure and withhold it.

Sunday evening came. We had decided to go for an early dinner at an Italian restaurant . Usually a meal of heavy carbs would leave us both feeling too bloated for play but this evening we both ate rather lightly. We arrived back at my place and I immediately pulled out my new toy. He was surprised, he assumed we would have a quiet evening. He also assumed he would be domming me with the aid of our new toy, oh was he wrong.

I directed him to the bedroom and told him to remove his clothes. He began by sitting on the edge of the bed. I took my silk blindfold and tied it across his eyes. I kissed him softly on the lips and whispered in his ear

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes ma’am” he replied.

“Take a big breath in and slowly release it” I directed.

He did as he was told keeping his breath long and steady.

“Clear your mind” I directed.

His breath became longer, deeper as he did as I asked. I kissed him a little more, soft kisses on his lips, across his face and behind his ears.

Time to stand up sub”, I commanded,

“Yes ma’am” he replied as he stood up in the middle of the room, his hands covering his penis.

“Do not hide yourself from me” I commanded.

He released himself and dropped his hands to his sides. Slowly I took my flogger and stroked it up his arm, across his back and down his other arm. I removed it away for a moment and bought it back again, this time up his leg, grazing his testicles and down the other leg. I repeated the strokes over his body, skimming over his buttocks again and again. Slowly I began to tap him. Ever so lightly across his buttocks, tap tap tap, tap tap tap. I moved to the front and tapped on his penis, tap tap tap, tap tap tap. I enjoyed teasing him, but I could tell he wasn’t turned on. He was tense and nervous.

“Keep breathing long and slow”.

He did as he was told.

I directed him to lean forward and place his hands on the bed. He did as he was told, with my free hand I rubbed his ass cheeks as I prepared to strike. First strikes were light, he flinched from the connection but it didn’t hurt. The next set of strikes were a little harder and then a little more harder. He didn’t make a sound, so I struck him harder, still nothing. I paused for a moment, and stuck him with force. He let out a low growl, I instantly felt a rush in my pussy. I struck him again, his moans and growls were turning me on, I rubbed his reddening ass cheeks and struck him again

“Grrrrr..fuck” he said.

I switched to smaller, faster strikes, still hard and still intense, over and over again I watched his ass cheeks begin to welt up

“Oh my god babe it’s fucking beautiful” I said as I dropped to my knees and kissed the raging red welts and traced my tongue along the rising lines.

His cock that was quietly hanging there sprung to life, rock hard and demanding attention. I got up and struck him again, hard and sharp.

“Fuck” he said as my free hand began to massage his cock.

I struck him again, even harder this time. His ass was red and starting to swell, fuck it was gorgeous. I dropped to my knees and began to suck his cock, it was angry, hard and fucking delicious. Playing with his balls I continued to suck, swirling my tongue around his swollen head, taking it all in, faster and faster I couldn’t get enough. He began to build but he wasn’t allowed to cum so I stopped.

I grabbed my flogger once again and told him to stand up straight

“Yes ma’am” he said.

This time i tap tap tapped the tip of his hard cock, watching it bounce with each small strike. Tapping along the shaft I stopped short of his balls, up and down it went, gentle little taps to bring him back down. Still blindfolded I grabbed his face and kissed him hard.

“Is this turning you on sub?”

“Yes ma’am”

“Should I continue sub?”

“Yes ma’am”

I rubbed his cheek that were now fully welted and firm and I struck him sharply and painfully instantly bringing up another welt, I felt a gush in my pussy soaking my panties. I took off my clothes and held him from behind, feeling his warm cheeks against my stomach. Standing back I admired my work. His welted ass was such a thing of beauty. I struck it again

“Grrrr” he let out.

He wasn’t prepared for that one. Another strike and another one, before I dropped the flogger, climbed up onto the bed and pulled off his mask.

“Time to fuck me sub”

He plunged into me, excited and ready to take back some control.

He pinned me down and with no hesitation he rammed his cock into my pussy, his eyes were intense and fiery, staring deep into me, my body exploded into orgasm without any buildup, the juices released covering his cock and dripping from his balls. I knew it would be a multiple orgasm session, I wanted more. Still staring into my eyes a grin spread across his face, I could tell the juice from my orgasm spread to his thighs, he knew I was building my second, he chuckled to himself and pulled out. I tried to pull him back but he refused. The look on his face told me he knew he regained his power.

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