Convention Fun

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Years ago my then partner and I attended the convention of a local social group I belonged to. There were the usual presentations and classes on a wide variety of topics along with dinners and 24-hour hospitality suites. As we were sitting around talking with some friends in one of the hospitality suites, an idea formed in my head of a predicament I could put my partner in that she would enjoy immensely. When our friends stepped away to grab some refills, I leaned order and whispered in her ear, "Would you like to go back to our room and play for a bit?" She immediately stood up, grabbed my hand, and said, "Yes, please." We caught up with our friends, made the requisite excuses, and headed back to our room.

Once inside I instructed her to strip while I got the toys out of our suitcase. For this particular weekend the toys consisted of some Spandex ties, a ball gag, and a Spandex body bag. She loved the feeling of the tight Spandex enveloping her while she was bound and gagged. I started by binding her arms behind her back at the wrists and elbows. Once her arms where rendered helpless, I placed the ball gag in her mouth. This gag was the largest she could comfortably handle and as such was her least favorite. Now that she was silenced and rendered helpless to my touch, I backed her up against the wall and commanded her to spread her legs. Her first attempt at compliance was what I expected, just shoulder-width apart. I frowned, looked her in the eyes, and commanded, "Farther!" After two more attempts she had her legs spread wide, making her a little off balance. I told her, "Good girl," and gave her a kiss on the forehead. From there I began to give her little butterfly kisses down her nose and across her cheeks. When I reached her lips, I took my tongue and ran it over her lips as they were stretched over the ball gag. This elicited a deep moan from her and I knew that I was on the right path.

After teasing her lips for a few more moments I kissed my way down her neck and in between her breasts. I worked my way around her breasts and, as she had very sensitive nipples, purposely avoided them for the time being, knowing that it would drive her crazy. After a few impatient grunts from her, I moved over to her right nipple and began caressing it with my tongue. This invoked some very deep throated responses from her. I took the nipple into my mouth and began to suck on it, gradually increasing the pressure. After that treatment, I gently nibbled on it, causing her to try and pull away without success. I then moved on to the other nipple and gave it similar treatment.

Now that she was simmering nicely, I continued with my kisses down her stomach and around her bellybutton, stopping just above her pussy. I kissed around the outside of her vaginal lips and continued down her inner right thigh to the knee. I then moved to the other knee and worked by way back up her left thigh. Again I stopped when I reached her pussy and then I stood up. She let out a very disappointing grunt and started to thrust her hips toward me. "A little frisky I see," I teased and placed my hand on her groin right above her pussy. I stretched my middle finger down to her lips and touched them. I was met with a flood of her juices and a very pleased moan from behind her gag. "Someone's a little excited," I said sarcastically. She pushed her hips forward and tried to rub herself against my finger. I pulled my hand away which elicited a long whine from my very helpless and now very horny toy. "Time to finish you up," I said and moved her over to the bed.

I sat her down on the bed and tied her thighs and ankles together with the remaining Spandex straps. I picked up the bag, bunched it around her feet, and helped her stand in it. I grabbed the bag and as I did, I looked up at her. A thought immediately crossed my mind that just a few minutes ago she was nicely dressed and talking with friends and now she is a helpless toy, waiting to be packaged up and put away for a little while. I pulled the bag up over her knees, up to her waist (making sure that her arms were placed correctly), up over her breasts, and finally up over her head. I gave the bag a tug, lifting her off of the floor for a moment, and pulled the draw strings tight, closing the bag and tying it off. I stood back and looked at the beautiful figure of my little toy, standing there with her hard little nipples poking against the fabric of the bag.

I laid her down in the center of the bed, laid next to her, and whispered in her ear what her fate was going to be for the next little while. Now, when we played with the bag at home I would get her all packaged up, put her to bed, and go out and watch TV for a half an hour or so while she enjoyed her confinement and got deep into her subspace. This time would be a little different. I explained that I was going to leave her like this for a little bit while I went back out and talked with a few of my friends. I purposely didn't tell her how long that would be. I told her to think about all the people walking past our door while she was here on the other side, laying helpless, all bound, gagged, and bagged, and to imagine how those people would take advantage of her if they only knew. These type of stories always got her excited and with her current state of arousal I'm sure it kicked it up a notch or two. I raised myself up on one arm and tweaked those lovely little nipples that were peaking up just begging to be squeezed. When I got done playing with her I kissed her on the forehead, crawled out of bed, and made my way out the door.

Now our room was right down from one of the hospitality suite so there was a lot of activity in the hallway outside our door. After placing that idea in her head and hearing all those people walking by, I was sure she was almost ready to cum all on her own. I found a couple of my friends and started chatting with them not ten feet from my room, allowing me to keep an eye on things. Now, I have to tell you, with the thought of my toy lying helpless on the bed, and knowing how turned on she was, it was almost more than a young man could handle. I had an enormous erection and it took a substantial amount of willpower to stand there and talk with my friends. Needless to say, I only lasted about ten minutes before I excused myself and made my way back to the room.

When I entered the room I saw that she was now curled up on her side with her back to the door. I walked over to the other side of the bed so she could see me undress. I gave her a little striptease action as I undressed and then crawled on the bed next to her. I turned her over on her back and once again played with her nipples, eliciting a very welcome moan from my bagged toy. I reached up, untied the drawstrings, and opened the bag. I proceeded to slowly unbag my toy, repeating the affection I gave her when I had her against the wall, except this time I went all of the way down to the tops of her bound feet. Once my toy had been completely unbagged I sat up on my knees and took in the site of her lying there, stretched out and completely helpless. Seeing a bound woman lying stretched out on either her back or her stomach always gets my juices flowing.

I laid on top of her and easily entered her. I began to fuck her slowly at first, enjoying just how good it felt to be inside of her. She began thrusting her hips to indicate that she wanted to be fucked harder. That night wasn't one where she wanted to be made loved to, she wanted to be fucked and fucked hard. I increased my speed and my thrusts, receiving welcome feedback from her body and her moans. It didn't take very long for her to have a very hard and long orgasm and I kept her going for as long as I could before I also came, exploding inside her, with a massive orgasm of my own. I collapsed on top of her and rolled us both over so she was lying on top of me. I kept inside of her so she could feel me shrink, causing her to moan disappointingly. I hugged and caressed her for a little while before untying her. She got up and headed for the bathroom to take care of herself and returned with a washrag to clean me. She then returned to bed and we fell asleep in each other's arms, completed satiated and exhausted.