Chapter 2: Switch

As he took my hand, mischievous grin spread across his face, he knew that he had earned his time to play, our D/s relationship always allowed some time at the end of a session for him to recapture a little power I had taken. This was what he looked forward to all evening.

He led me to a small room within Galleria Domain’s loud room, which was a little private but still allowed for any voyeurs to watch. In the middle of the room was a horse bench with straps for your arms and ankles. He guided me into position and strapped me securely into place knowing that I would try to escape. In front of me was a mirror and I had full view of everything he was doing.

He ran his hands along my naked body and felt the weight of my breasts as he cupped them softly, his forefinger brushing the nipples demanding they stand to his attention. I closed my eyes and lost myself to the beat of the music and the sensation of his touch. He moved around again and stood in front of me and took his cock out, which was already fully erect. I took him in my mouth and sucked at the pace his hips directed and gazed up at him as I licked his shaft and sucked the tip. I could feel him as he swelled more, he was getting too excited. He withdrew and and walked around behind me. I looked into the mirror as his slipped his finger in, teasing my g-spot slowly building me up. Before I could come he withdrew his fingers and replaced it with his cock, our eyes met in the mirror and he fucked me hard and fast. As I neared orgasming he would shake his head and pause until the build passed and then start over again. He reveled in the pleasure he got from denying me mine. All of a sudden I felt his cock swell, indicating he was about to come, he withdrew before he came because he wasn’t done having his fun yet.

As he stood back to calm himself down and watch me in my submissive pose, I looked up at him and smiled because I loved the way he was looking at me. He came and kissed me as he undid my arm straps and freed my legs, and then he pulled me into his arms for an extended embrace. After cleaning the bench, he led me back into the main room, this time he had his eye on the pulley system in the middle of my room. With handcuffs secured around my wrists he hooked them on the pulley he started to wind it higher until I was on my tiptoes, now standing in the middle of the room with all eyes on me, he began to tease me, tickling my sensitive zones making me writhe and wince. With my muscles fast getting sore, he stood behind me whispering into my ear.

“Whose in charge?”

“Me” I bratilly respond, invoking another round of torturous tickling and prodding me off balance, this went on for another 10 minutes of him asking and me responding in a bratty manner.

“I’ll ask again, who is in charge?”

Now my arms were on fire, my calves were aching and my toes were straining under my weight.

“You sir, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please free me” I pleaded.

A satisfied grin spread across his face and he released the pulley just enough to take the pressure off my toes. Once he returned, he pulled my face up to his and kissed me hard, pulling my waist towards his throwing me off balance again. The mix of pleasure and pain triggered my submissive side to emerge, I wanted his approval, I needed it, our eyes focused on one another and he could tell I entered subspace. I turned my face towards him as he kissed my face I whispered in his ear.

“No pain please sir.”

A common misconception of Dom/sub relationships is that it has to involve pain and humiliation. Being a dom means you are in control of someone else’s pleasure, you can direct them any way you like but ultimately your sub is there to submit to you, this puts the dom in a place of power. Power is given as opposed to being taken. Sometimes your submissive may require behavior correction but this doesn’t mean you have to inflict pain. Submissives can be corrected in many ways, some can be ignored, some can be told to stand in the corner, other ways may include withholding pleasure (not allowing them to orgasm) or tying them up so they can no longer misbehave. A true dom is not an excuse to be an asshole.

There have been some evenings where I enter subspace and all I say to my Dom is “hurt me” and if it isn’t enough I will mock him for being weak. But some evenings like this evening in particular I was feeling vulnerable enough that I didn’t want the emotions that get triggered when my pain boundaries are pushed.

Ethan nodded in agreement and released me from the hook, I was now in the zone and nothing else mattered, I no longer noticed the faces around me, I no longer cared if anyone was watching, I was no solely focused on Ethan. It is rare for me to get to this place, it may have happened once or twice before but normally I can enter subspace but still be aware of my surroundings, this evening it felt like I was under a spell, my mind was in the right place and so was his.

We walked into the quiet room where the St.Andrews cross was that I had Ethan strapped to earlier in the evening. I vaguely remember others being present in the room but I no longer cared that we were not alone. He strapped me to the cross and began to remove my clothing. I closed my eyes and focused on the music in the background, listening to the furnace kicking on and off, feeling his hands as they caressed my body, stroking my hair as he removed it off my face and tucked it behind my ears. As I stood there with my arms stretched to each side of the cross, his hands made there way from my back to my front again his hands holding my breasts, playing with them as though he owned them...which he did. He knows how much I enjoy my breasts being touched, he loves how they respond to his touch, my soft warm nipples turning hard and erect at the slightest brush of a finger. His hands were now making there way down my body paying attention to the base of my back where the curve of my ass began, another sensitive spot that always causes me to respond in a way that invites his hands to explore lower.

With his leg he nudged my ankles indicating to me to part my legs and his hands now wondered to the place I have been desperate for him to touch. Standing behind me one hand back on my breasts and the other sliding his finger in the slit of my pussy. The tiniest pressure on my slit caused it to open with a gush of wetness that had been building up since I was attached to the pulley system. I hear the familiar chuckle as his finger slides up my slit to find my clit, slowly he begins to work it, but my pussy is aching for his fingers to be inside me, I try to move my body to reposition his fingers but he stays focused on my clit, he knows what I want but he isn’t giving it to me. Now I can hear myself moan, I doesn’t sound like me at all, its sounds like it from deep inside, my body is desperate for his fingers, I have completely forgotten where I am, my arms are still strapped but I can’t feel them, I am not aware of anything, I cannot hear anything. The only thing I can focus on is his fingers, desperate for them to enter me. Suddenly he shoves one finger inside, euphoria overtakes me and my knees buckle, then two fingers are inserted and he immediately finds my g-spot, rubbing the spot in a tickling fashion I cannot control my orgasm and as I come, I squirt all over his arm, my juices cover his sleeve and run down my leg, I shock him and I shock myself, I have squirted in the past but never so much, his excitedly resumes working my g-spot again, and again I squirt, more juices running down my leg with an orgasm that almost caused me to pass out, and yet he continues and I come again and again until I beg him to stop.

Satisfied he backs away, I am back in the room again, becoming aware of my surroundings, I can feel my juices all down the left side of my leg and look down to see that I have cum all over the equipment and formed a small puddle on the floor. Suddenly I am very aware of my surroundings, now out of subspace I ask to be released so I can clean up. He chuckles to himself as he sees that I am back and he releases me and helps me clean up. I look at him, my head is still light from all the orgasms and I tell him I’m ready to go home.

We walk quietly to the changing area and I put my street clothes back on. Looking at the clock we see that it is almost 2:30 am. He takes my hand and leads me out.

“Did you have fun?” he asks.

“Uh huh” I say.

He laughs again, he always knows he’s done well when I don’t talk.

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