Chapter 1: A Domme That Punishes

“What should I wear?” Ethan asked. I looked in his closet and picked out black silky boxer shorts, black jeans, and a simple black button down shirt. I then went to his vanity and I selected his cologne for the evening.

“What should I pack?” He asked.

“I want the crop, the flogger and the cuffs.”

He took the items from our toy closet and placed them into a backpack.

I selected my outfit for the evening, a fringed top that allowed my nipples to poke through, it came with a fringed skirt and thong, I threw the skirt in the backpack and slid on my jeans and a jacket, and left for the club.

An hour later we arrived at the club and changed into our outfits, I wish I had bought the collar as tonight was Ethan’s night to be disciplined. It was a quiet night and we had most of the place to ourselves. I gave Ethan a few minutes to get acclimated to his surroundings before telling him to get into the cage in the corner of the room. He sat in the cage and looked up at me.

“Eyes down” I said.

He followed my orders.

“Why are you in here?” I asked him

“Because I have been bad?” he asked questioningly

“Is that an answer or a question?” I demanded from him.

He didn't know how to answer.

“Stay here and think about what you have done”

“Yes, ma’am” He said.

I walked out of the room and sat at the bar making light conversation with the bartender for a few moments as he sat in his cage. When I returned I asked him again.

“Ethan, why are you in here?”

“It’s because I talked to Cassie when you told me not to” he answered.

“Did you deceive me?” I asked

“Yes” he responded

“Do you deserve to be punished?”

“Yes my queen”

I released him from the cage and guided him to a bench. The bench had places for his legs to rest as he bent forward. There was also a place for his face and handles for him to grab. I told him to remove his jeans and get into position. He did as he was told. With the crop in hand I asked him how many strikes he felt he deserved.

“10” he suggested

“20 it is” I decided

“Now count them or it won’t count”

I drew my hand back and the first strike caused him to let out a grunt. But he failed to count, so I struck him again.

“2” he said.

“I didn’t hear a 1, so we start over”

“Fuck” he said as I struck again.

This time he counted his twenty. I told him he could rise, I asked him how he felt. He cheekily looked at me and said

“It wasn’t very hard”

Bratty behavior needs to be punished so I ordered him to get back in the cage. This time I left him there for longer while I enjoyed a drink at the bar and some conversations with others. I could tell he was getting annoyed at being ignored, but that is what a brat gets.

After a short time I returned to the cage.

“Are you going to behave now?”

“Yes my queen”

I dangled the cuffs in front of him.

“Get out and put these on”

He did as he was told, I guided him to the quiet room and stood him in front of the St.Andrews cross.

“Remove your clothes and attach yourself to the cross”

Again, he did as he was told. With his back facing me I began to tease him with the flogger. Gently at first, I teased his back, his calves and his balls.

I stood back and paused, with the handle in one hand and the tresses in the other, I drew my hand back and struck him just so the ends would snap his skin, knowing full well that this would cause the most pain, immediately he let out a pained groan and his back began to beautifully welt.

“Did that hurt subby?” I asked.

He hates being called a sub, but he also knew not to be snarky since he was the one cuffed. He didn't respond, so I struck him again on the other side of the back, another set of beautiful welts instantly emerged.

“I asked you if that hurt?….subby”

“Yes, my queen” he responded

“Good” I said. I struck his skin again and again, each time a little harder, by the time I was done his skin was covered with red marks, some deeper than others. With my free hand I traced the welted lines across his back and legs, his skin responded from my gentle strokes.

“That feels good” he said

“Good, I hope you are ready for another round”

I stepped back slightly, ensuring that this round would sting even more, as only the very tip of the tresses would snap against his skin, as the flogger made contact his body winced in pain and as it retracted back it was met by my warm hand caressing his freshly whipped skin. I alternated between the painful snaps and my warm massages.

As I looked down at his cock I could see that he was enjoying the alternating touches too much and decided to switch for the crop again.

“Did I say you can get a boner?” I asked sternly

“ I can't help it” he responded.

So I gave him a sharp smack to his bottom.

“Owwwwwe” he said.

“Still turned on?” I asked

Before he could answer I gave him another sharp smack to his bottom and I could see his hard on weaken.

“That’s better” I said “naughty boys don’t get to have pleasure”

With the crop in hand I decided to give his thighs some more attention. Unlike the first round, this time I made sure I used extra force, there was to be no snarky comment when I was done.

By the time I finished, it had been over 40 minutes. I released him from his cuffs and we headed to the aftercare room. By that time we had been at the club for almost two hours, as we snuggled together I felt that deeper connection I felt we had forgotten over the past few months. I pulled his head in closer and whispered in his ear.

“How do you want to be rewarded?”

He stood up and looked at me with a cheeky glint in his eye, held out his hand and pulled me up….

To be continued...

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