Birthday Sex

This post may get tagged as anti-feminist. But I really don’t care. I made it a point after the breakdown of my marriage that I wanted sex to be a priority. While most women complained that all their partners want is sex, I had the opposite problem, my (ex) partner had very little interest in sex. He was kind, affectionate, engaging and an all round decent guy. But when it came down to doing the dirty, he seemed to do anything to avoid intimacy. When I finally asked him why, he couldn’t give me an answer. The question caused him to feel pressured to perform which in turn led to impotency, which he refused to seek medical attention for. So we stumbled into a sexless marriage and the longer I went without, the larger the cracks of resentment grew. So one can understand why I put a heavy importance on sex in my relationship.

But prioritizing sex has to go two ways. I cannot expect Ethan to be at my beck and call, if I am not at his, and while I'm on and ready to go 90% of the time, there is the occasional day when I’m feeling tired and unattractive. Case in point. Ethan’s birthday. The days leading up to his special day were long and stressful, we both felt like we were being pulled in different directions, and it was all go go go. We must’ve got to bed around midnight the night before and fallen asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow because the next thing I remember is feeling his arm around me caressing my breast and as I sleepily opened one eye I noticed it was morning, He pulls himself up against me, my back facing him. I feel his morning boner pressing against my butt cheeks, I know what he wants…

His hands are still sleepily wandering around my body, trying to wake me up, I ignore him for a little while, I’m still so tired, he kisses my shoulder and I catch his scent. His body is always so much warmer than mine. I turn my face for my morning kiss and wish him “happy birthday” as I open up and let him in. He spoons me for a while, still during this time, my laziness still has a hold on me and I wonder if he will be happy if I just lay here and have him use me. He abruptly stops as though he’s read my mind. He lays back and tells me to get on top, I dutifully obliged even though my body feels like it’s surrounded by a lead blanket. I climb on him and insert him, his wild eyes on me and his hands on my hips, rocking me on his cock I feel my orgasm slowly building, I’m fully awake now and I give him my smile “there she is” he says, knowing he disrupted my rest. I keep riding him, raising my hips until only the tip in inside and bringing it down to feel the full girth of his cock stretching my pussy, again and again, up and down, up and down, building my orgasm, holding back, teasing myself, lifting my hips and slamming it down over and over again until I can’t hold back anymore and I release my orgasm on his cock, a gush of wetness disrupts the patterned riding and I fall forward onto him, my head on his chest as the wave of euphoria overtakes me, he’s still inside me feeling my pussy muscles spasm on his cock.

I’m tired again, ready for a nap but I know it is his birthday, and the birthday boy needs to start the day off right, so I bend over and present my ass. I feel his hand caress my cheek as he gets himself into position. He enters and releases a lustful moan. Slowly he fucks me from behind, hands gripped tightly on my hips, moving my body and rocking his body in tandem, he pulls me in and holds me still as the full girth of his cock pulses against my pussy, small deliberate movements that never fail to drive me wild. As he continues to fucks me I can feel his cock swell, his orgasm is building, still he is gripping my hips and holding me, using me as his play thing with him in control. He fucks me harder, pulling out further and plunging in deeper, again and again, his intensity peaks and he lets out a deep throaty grunt, this primal sound that makes my body respond with an instant gush of wetness that mixes with his cum.

He pulls out and runs to grab some tissues to clean up. We lay together his arms around me and my head resting under his chin.

“Happy birthday babe”, I say.

He kisses me on the head and smiles.

“Thank you babe, you’re the best”.

“I know” I say, as I drift off back to sleep.

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