Bad Girl

September 14 2019

We had an argument the other day, and true to my nature, I poured the (metaphorical) gasoline and expected it all to blow up. I shut down my feelings and stepped into the dark space. Emotionally I can disconnect surprisingly easy. Ice queen emerges and she can be dark and wicked.

But I knew I had to calm her down, the ice queen was not to have her way that day. He was mad and had turned away. I turned him around and was met by his angry glare. I could read his mind, he was asking himself why he was putting up with me.

I stepped around him and opened the drawer beside the bed, I reached for the wooden rattan crop and handed it to him. I looked him in the eyes as his face slightly softened. His took the cane with one hand and his other met my neck, he pulled me close to him and whispered in my ear

“you belong to me,

you will listen to me,

now turn around”

I turned around and removed my clothing. He stroked my bare cheeks and drew his arm back. The first strike met my skin with a sharp snap, as the pain seared through me a cry emerged from my mouth. He rubbed the spot and struck me again and again. More cries escaped and I started to feel my anger at him fade away, slowly being replaced by my need for his love again. The ice queen was melting.

My skin was hot and began to welt, with each controlled successive strike, the pain deepened and I softened. I turned to face him again, he stared at me intensely, he didn’t say a word and turned me around again, I grabbed a pillow and sunk my face into it as I prepared for the next round. My ass was now swollen and burning hot but he struck again, naturally I tried to cover myself with my hands but he pulled them aside and struck again, more muffled cries and tears fell into the pillow. He dropped the cane.

With one hand he rubbed my burning hot cheeks and with his other he searched my now dripping wet pussy, with his hand guiding himself in, he entered me from behind and my pain was replaced by intense pleasure. I lifted my face off the pillow and told him to use me. I didn’t deserve to cum, I deserved to be punished. He didn’t say a word as he fucked me, fucked me harder and harder until he came. His cum trickled down my thighs as he stepped away to get me a towel.

I quickly clean up and catch a glimpse of my ass in the mirror, it is swollen and red and I wonder if it will bruise.

I climb back into bed and he pulls me to him, he holds me close and tells me I'm crazy.

“Was it worth it?” He asks

“Absolutely.” I say

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